What are the features and limitations of a Community license on BotCity Orchestrator?

What are the features and limitations of a Community license on BotCity Orchestrator?

A new account that is created on BotCity Orchestrator has full access to the platform's functionalities (trial) for a period of 30 days.

After this 30-day period, access to the platform continues in the same way; the only differences are some limitations and access to some specific resources.

After the trial period, it is no longer possible to use the following features:
  1. Datapool
  2. Schedules
  3. Credentials
Additionally, the workspace will also have some limitations on other features:
  1. Tasks - maximum of 10 tasks created per day
  2. Automations - maximum of 1 automation process on the platform
  3. Runners - maximum of 1 Desktop Runner on the platform
You can find more details about the difference between the plans and available resources by accessing this link.

The limitations of a Community license are focused on the orchestration step using the BotCity Orchestrator.
The automation development stage does not have any limitations regarding the use of BotCity frameworks and plugins.

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